Visioni Fantastiche, the Film Festival dedicated to fantastic cinema and school education, is back in Ravenna. In anticipation of the main event, which will take place at the Palazzo dei Congressi from 9 to 15 November, an extraordinary fantastic preview is planned: White Snake, Saturday 24 October at 5.00 pm always at the Palazzo dei Congressi.

The Fantastic Premieres are a series of screenings, free and open to all, of national preview films, which combine the spectacular element with the educational one, creating a perfect synthesis between fun and learning. Unique, compelling, dazzling projections: a unique moment for adults and children to go to the cinema and rediscover the joy of the film in the movie theatre, in total safety. All screenings will be free and open to all; the films will be screened in their original language with Italian subtitles.

The first preview will be Amp Wong and Zhao Ji’s White Snake. Amp Wong has worked on various Hollywood animated series including Astro Boy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Green Lantern and many more. Zhao Ji, on the other hand, has been working in the filmmaking sector for years and has participated in the editing of numerous films in China and abroad, such as The Grandmaster, Swordsmen, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and The Karate Kid.

The film is inspired by the Chinese fairy tale of the White Snake. Legend tells the story of a snake goddess, Blanca, who, disguised as a human woman, loses her memory and falls in love with a humble hunter. This love, however, will spark the ire of Blanca’s sister, willing to do anything to make her come to her senses… As Variety writes, “Hao Ji and Amp Wong’s debut strikes with a pleasant balance between thunderous action scenes and captivating romance.” In fact, the film alternates a futuristic computer graphics animation with a traditional story, for an action adventure suitable for young and old.

The preview is made in collaboration with the African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival as part of the “AUTUMN 2020: return to the theatre!” promoted by the COE Association.

All the initiatives of the Festival will be carried out in full compliance with the safety rules to prevent contagion from COVID-19 and ensure everyone a fantastic experience that combines fun and protection of the participants.