Visioni Fantastiche (Fantastic Vision) is about to end, but the spectators can still take advantage of these last days, November 14th and 15th, to watch the movies presented during the festival. All the contents are available until  midnight of the 15th of November on Mymovies platform at this link: 

Let’s rimember the titles of the brilliant feature films that competed  in the International Competition in 18+ section : Virus Tropical by  Santiago Caicedo, Seder Masochism by Nina Paley, Tito and the birds by Andrè Catoto and Meteorites by Romain Laguna.

The public will also have the chance to see or see again the short films  presented in 6+, 9+, 12+ and 16+ sections of the Internazional Competition. 

They must not be neglected special opportunities such as the tribute to the master Bruno Bozzetto, of which there are some short films and the feature movie Vip-Mio fratello superuomo, and the Anteprima Fantastica (Fantastic Preview) of  Buñuel – Nel labirinto delle tartarughe by Salvador Simó

On November 15th at 11 A.M.  will start the  Masterclass about virtual reality held by  Francesco Crosa, Luca Vitale and Luca Galofaro .  Vierre Hub | La Realtà Virtuale, that will take place on Zoom platform,  has a very simple purpose: to spread the knowledge of virtual reality creating a community of people interested in this new technology.  The event is totally free and open to all.  Whoever wants to partecipate must click at this link on the day and time suggested :