The festival for school education Visioni Fantastiche comes close to its end offering once again a rich curriculum even in its second to last day, 14th November 2020

The day started at 8:30AM, with the International Competition, giving, once again, to the students the chance not only to be viewers of the movies but also real judges, making them protagonists of the festival. The hybrid format that characterizes this year edition allowed the kids to be present in the amazing cinema room of the Palazzo del Cinema e dei Congressi di Ravenna, in total safety, to witness the screening of the movies. 

The films presented were from the section Visionari 18+, feature films with deep and profound themes, like adulthood and difficult issues. A fantastic and metaphorical journey into a reality that’s sometimes unknown, reflective, and uncertain; perfect themes for the young judges and their open minds, ready to face the world. The movie presented was Meteorites, by Romain Laguna: the enigmatic story of a young girl living in small town in southern France. The girl, dreaming of adventure will be finding some when a meteorite, that seems only visible to her, appears in the sky, like some sort of omen. The movies were presented and introduced by Carlo Tagliazucca

At 9:30AM, on zoom, started the Masterclass 18+, held by Carlo Tagliazucca, L’arte del capitombolo: storia e tecniche della risata al cinema. An interesting class about how difficult it is to make people laugh through the art of cinema and movies and the techniques used by the masters in the field. Live examples with movie clips and short films were presented to the whole class. 

Following right up, the day came to an end with the amazing premiere of the extraordinary Buñuel – Nel labirinto delle tartarughe by Salvadòr Simó. The movie is available starting from the 14th until midnight of the 15th of November. Winner of the Best Animation Film at Goya 2020 and Efa 2019, the awarded and recognized movie is a mix between an animation movie and a biopic; it tells the story of Buñuel and his brave attempt to shoot a movie on Las Hurdes, one of the poorest areas of 1930’s Spain, and the conflict and difficulties that he encounters while doing so. A realistic depiction of poverty, even tho animated, and many more real and raw themes that will give the audience a lot to think about.