The second day of Visioni Fantastiche, the festival for school education,  started, adopting once again the hybrid format that characterizes this amazing second edition, granting entertainment and learning in complete safety, changing its format but staying true to its roots thanks to the completely free curriculum and activities. 

Tuesday, November 10th, at 8:30 AM the doors of the Palazzo dei Congressi in Ravenna opened to the classes of Visionari + 12, the visionaries, allowing them to participate to the screening of the short movies of the International Competition that were specifically selected for them. Eight movies were showed, every single one of them having infinite facets and infinite fascinating stories characterized by many different tones and more adult and reflective themes for the young jury, since they too are facing a time of changes. This once again showed how the festival is made exactly for young people, their growth and their whole life experience. The contest was introduced and hosted by the Communications Manager Maria Martinelli

Once again at 8:30 AM was starting, this time virtually, on Zoom, the laboratory 9+ Anima Jeeg Robot con la tecnica della paper cut animation, held by Axel Zani and Davide Salvemini. The laboratory was dedicated to young kids, who learned to animate, using cards, scissors and glue, the famous Jeeg Robot, the earth defender hero born from the amazing mind of Go Nagai. An extremely interactive and manual laboratory that allowed the kids to learn while having fun, experiencing, first hand, the amazing world of animation. 

Leaving virtual classrooms and coming back to the Palazzo dei Congressi, at 11:00AM started another laboratory: the 12+ laboratory Esperienze immersive e realtà virtuale, that allowed a class of students to deep dive into the world of virtual reality, both with a theoretical approach, with frontal lessons that looked at the possibilities that VR offers and the way it works, and a more practical approach, allowing some students to try on the technological VR headsets. The workshop was organized and held in complete safety and hosted by Francesco Crosa

The amazing and free program that characterizes Visioni Fantastiche came to an end for its second day at 4PM, offering the exciting and fascinating Masterclass 6+ and 9+ Stop motion il meraviglioso mondo del cinema e dei mostri, that was held on zoom by Davide Vukich of Circolo del Cinema Sogni. A deep dive into the magic world of fantasy cinema and monsters, through the history of the artisanal special effects: an incredible journey into what is known as “cinema meraviglioso”.