The students’ favorite festival dedicated to schools keeps on going! The festival comes back stronger than ever grating an experience of learning, entertainment and social distancing while being embellished by a wide range of must see events and opportunities for the students.

The International Competition  started the show, showing the movies from the 16+ and 18+ sections. Starting from 8:30AM, under the wise supervision of the programmer, host and technical consultant of the festival Carlo Tagliazucca, the students sitted through three hours of amazing film screening, viewing and reviewing the films dedicated to their section starting a debate soon after the screening. After exchanging opinions they were able to vote the movies, granting them the exciting possibility to be both viewers and judges

The feature movie presented in the 18+ section was the satiric documentary Seder Masochism by Nina Paley. Inspired by the traditional Jewish holiday of Passover Seder, the movie tells with irony the events that occur in the Book of Exodus. But in seder masochism something different happens: Seder-Masochism resurrects the Great Mother in a tragic struggle against the forces of Patriarchy. 

Following right up, the most entertaining festival of Ravenna presented the 16+ laboratory. Starting from 11:00AM and always at the Palazzo del Cinema e dei Congressi, Gianni Gozzoli, famous speaker form Radio Sonora, talked with the students about Podcasting and the process behind it: how to create a podcast, how to come up with the idea, how to create it and how to make out a winning product. Gozzoli unveiled tricks and secrets about this worldwide recognized trend and type of radio.